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Stagecoach UK Bus

Stagecoach UK BUS is made up of 20 local operating companies, across the country. Back in 2007, Stagecoach was using a manual ticketing system, which relied on the drivers to update ticket sales and prices at the beginning and end of every shift, using personal ticket modules.

To reduce the reliance on manual updating, Stagecoach UK Bus introduced wireless ticketing machines which upload ticketing data and download fare changes automatically whenever buses return to the depot, saving time and eliminating human error.

To support the new system, Stagecoach needed reliable and robust infrastructure and used network specialist, MLR Networks, to design and install a Cisco-based wireless network.
MLR Networks installed the wireless network across all of the depots, ranging in scope from a single wireless access point to 20 plus, depending on the size of the depot and the coverage required.

Additionally, as part of an ongoing support and maintenance contract, MLR Networks provides a network management system which proactively monitors the wireless network, reporting on any network or device issues to take action to troubleshoot issues as they arise.


Wireless ticketing has transformed the way Stagecoach operates on several levels
Automated data capture means up-to-the-minute transaction processing saving the company around 750 man hours a week
Ticket data is automatically updated every time the bus returns to the depot, so drivers can start their shift wherever the bus is parked saving time and giving Stagecoach much more flexibility in scheduling services and planning shifts
Drivers save time and don’t have the responsibility or inconvenience of carrying around ticket modules

MLR Networks - Internet of Things

MLR Networks - Internet of Things




Stagecoach UK Bus


Stagecoach UK Bus is one of the largest bus operators in the UK, operating express, intercity and local bus services in over 100 towns and cities across the UK. With a fleet of some 7,000 buses and coaches, Stagecoach carries two million passengers every day




Internet of Things, connecting the unconnected for Stagecoach UK Bus...

The digital age is upon us and MLR Networks has the solution to transform your business with wireless technology.

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