Cyber security: what’s the threat?

Traditional firewalls and AV won’t stop many advanced attacks and the threats changes so frequently, many companies are struggling to keep up. So what’s the answer? To cut through the noise, we are hosting two cybersecurity sessions at Cisco offices in Didsbury on 17th October 2018. During the session, you’ll learn about the latest security threats and what simple steps companies can take now to protect their business, as well as an end-to-end view of the Cisco security portfolio.As part of the session we will arrange for a complimentary security audit of your network. There is no cost to attend, so to register, please complete the registration form online:

Have you registered for the MLR Networks Cyber Security North Seminar on October 17th?

During the seminar you’ll learn about the latest cyber security threats from James Barratt, Head of Cyber at Cisco with some simple steps you can take to protect your network immediately.

We’ll also have a first look at Umbrella. Umbrella is a simple but effective methodology ― learn, see, block. By constantly scanning threats, it can block any attempts to infiltrate the network, whilst constantly learning and improving. All attendees will qualify for a free Umbrella trial.

We’d love to see you there, so register today to secure your place: