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Internet of Things, connecting the unconnected for Stagecoach UK Bus

The digital age is upon us and MLR Networks has been helping Stagecoach UK Bus to transform their business with wireless technology.

(Source - CISCO)

Keeping hospital patients connected – one family’s Wi-Fi experience

For those who follow me on social media or listen to my podcasts, you’ll know that I am an unashamed geek – and that much of the time, I geek-out defiantly about Wi-Fi.

But until my mother went into hospital for a routine operation, it hadn’t occurred to me how much my family and I would end up relying on Wi-Fi. I could spend the rest of this blog discussing how the hospital uses Wi-Fi to connect medical devices, clinical staff and monitor equipment. This is of course correct, but what I want to talk about is the positive impact Wi-Fi has had on my family.

The hospital in question has Wi-Fi everywhere – and I mean everywhere. And they allow access to patients and visitors, simply and easily with just a couple of clicks. This is especially helpful because my mum isn’t young, so needs to be able to connect her tablet device to the internet quickly and easily.

Keeping her connected to the whole family is hugely important, and being able to use her tablet for video calls with her children and grandchildren helps keep her happy.

Sounds easy – but is it?

However, while making a video call might be simple at home, with just a handful of devices connected to your home network, it’s a different story in a hospital setting.  Here there are multitudes of patient and visitor devices plus staff and clinical devices, all relying on the Wi-Fi access, with many of them critical to the quality of patient care.

Achieving a great experience for virtually everyone and everything in the building isn’t easy therefore, but this NHS Trust has worked hard to design and build a Wi-Fi network that is second to none. Some of the best practices it uses are covered in my podcast with some of Cisco’s top Wi-Fi experts:

And in a week when we’ve learned that phone services in NHS hospitals are costing as much as 50p a minute and a month’s worth of bedside TV services can cost as much as an annual TV licence fee, the Wi-Fi access for patients and loved ones becomes even more important.

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Fiber: Not Just for the Backbone Anymore

Liverpool Business Fair 2017  -  21st March

MLR Networks are delighted to be showcasing their products and services at the Liverpool Business Fair on 21st March 2017 at Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium in the new stand. MLR Networks and our team of experts are looking forward to meeting fellow North-West businesses to talk about our various IT solutions including cabling, wireless networks and telephony solutions.

Liverpool Business Fair is an event for local businesses.  It’s free to attend and visitors can attend one of the many interesting and informative workshops at the event.  To pre-register for your ticket, please click here and complete the online form.

MLR Networks is pleased to announce the addition of Hosted Voice to its portfolio of voice and video products.  Hosted Voice is a cloud-hosted telephony solution to suit both small and large multi-site businesses.

For a low, fixed monthly fee, you will have access to a fully featured voice platform including auto-attendant, voicemail to email, call recording, and conferencing.  The solution suits almost all business types and sizes, from small one user companies to larger multi-sites companies.

“The Hosted Voice solution perfectly complements our existing voice and video product set, as it’s a great solution for companies who need a fully-featured telephone system but don’t want to be burdened with the costly line-rental, call costs and maintenance associated to traditional telephony” says Richard Leigh, Sales Director at MLR Networks.

MLR Networks is a network infrastructure specialist, supplying on premise voice, video and contact centre solutions, as part of its wider portfolio of network solutions to include copper and fibre optic cabling, wireless networking, switching and routing. 

View the Product Page on our website.

Cisco UK & Ireland

MLR Networks at HOSPACE 2016 – 10th November

MLR Networks is delighted to announce their sponsorship of HOSPACE 2016 for the second year running.

HOSPACE 2016 is a one day annual conference and exhibition hosted by HOSPA, the UK’s leading educational organisation for Professionals involved in Financial Management, Revenue Management and IT within the hospitality industry.

At the exhibition, MLR Networks, with its partner Zhone Technologies,  will be showcasing passive optical networking, a revolutionary approach to delivering more in-room IP services such as IP voice and IP TV for guests using a fibre backbone.  The solution reduces the floor space required for remote cabinets and lowering IT energy consumption costs.   Come along to learn how a major UK hotel has used passive optical networking to provide more in-room IP services for guests, without any additional cabinet space or extra containment for cabling.

MLR Networks has a long history of working in the hospitality industry, having worked with most of the major 5 star hotels in London and with groups such as De Vere Group, Village Hotels and Morgans Group.

Get involved by searching for #HOSPACE2016 and #HOSPACE on twitter. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated on the exhibition.

Visit our stand

MLR Networks is delighted to be exhibiting at The Connected Stadium Summit on 25th and 26th October at Wembley Stadium.  The Summit provides a uniquely focused and realistic view on how to ensure ICT investments deliver. It is an opportunity to find inspiration and business partners around best practice ICT strategies, how to lure fans away from home big-screen TVs, boost revenues and meet/exceed expectations across the board with the latest technologies.

At the Connected Stadium Summit, MLR Networks with Nokia, will showcase passive optical LAN, a revolutionary approach to delivering IP connectivity for back office, retail and customer services over a fibre backbone.  Passive optical networks can deliver voice, data and video over a single fibre optic cable, reducing the need for remote cabinets and lowering IT energy consumption and costs.

MLR Networks is a network infrastructure specialist with a wealth of experience delivering large scale networking projects in leisure and hospitality.

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