Power Ethernet



If you’re struggling to get IP services into some parts of your building, then you may be looking at networking the wrong way...

MLR Networks helps business see technology the right way...such as developing a wired networking solution which will provide you with a flexible and cost effective way of extending your network.


Most businesses are well connected these days, and gaining access to the Internet is vitally important. However for some companies, getting coverage across the whole site can be a problem.

  • In some historic or listed buildings cutting into walls to run new cables just isn’t possible and Wi-Fi signals maybe poor.
  • In hotels who can’t afford to have rooms inaccessible whilst cabling work and redecorating goes on.
  • Companies needing short-term connectivity for temporary events but don’t want the expense of installing new copper cabling.

Power line

MLR Networks has partnered with Power Ethernet to provide high speed and reliable data networking


Wired Networking with MLR Networks and Power Ethernet
MLR Networks has partnered with Power Ethernet to provide high speed and reliable data networking using the patented Powerline Sockets deliver a high-speed secure network. The sockets replace a normal double gang 13 amp mains outlet to create a network capable of streaming HD video, supporting IP Voice, relocation of Wi-Fi access points, deployments of IP-Voice phones, CCTV cameras, building management systems, or any other future network base system.

The technology inside the Powerline Sockets allows the use of the existing mains cables as a way to transmit high speed data and environmental services throughout the building without the cost and disruption of installing additional cabling.

Removing the need to install additional data cabling not only makes Powerline Socket deployments cost-effective, but also minimises business disruption and downtime. With a fully-managed network switch on each socket and advanced networking features, such as Quality of Service (QoS), the Power Ethernet network integrates easily with your existing business networks.




Reduce Costs

Reduces the cost of cabling and eliminates the cost of making good decor afterwards.

Tamper Proof

Built into wall as the technology is integrated into a standard BS double-gang socket – tamper and theft proof
Minimal disruption and no mess.

Keeps Down-Time to a Minimum

Incorporates effective filtering that along with integration into the power supply overcomes many of the limitations of Ethernet over Power and offers a true business grade solution.

Minimal Disruption and No Mess



We are very impressed of how quickly MLR Networks installed this new technology and got it up and running with little disruption or downtime.
Neil Cryer, IT Project Manager from De Vere Hotels

Powerline Communication (PLC) is a proven, well-established and recognised technology that enables data transfer at narrow or broadband speeds through the existing electrical cables already installed in the buildings by using advanced modulation technology.

MLR Networks has partnered with Power Ethernet to provide high speed and reliable data networking...