Switches and Routers



Bringing together core networking functions, MLR Networks builds intelligent networks which enable anytime, anywhere, secure communications throughout your organisation and across the Internet, helping you to see Switches and Routers the right way...

MLR Networks' Technical Services Systems team has the technical expertise and real-life experience to assess your infrastructure and develop an appropriate solution delivering maximum uptime and high throughput to support the deployment of new and existing applications.


  • Consolidates multiple services onto a single box. The Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2) offers broad services including security, wireless, video, unified communications, WAN optimization and customisable virtual services on a single routing device.
  • Delivers next-generation WAN and network service requirements. The Cisco ISR G2 delivers up to 350 Mbps WAN performance with services.
    • Powers business grade video applications such as video streaming, digital signage, video surveillance, and telepresence using the on-board digital signal processors of Cisco ISR G2 platforms.
  • Deploy customisable services on demand using the innovative Cisco Services Ready Engine.
  • Manage your network from a central location and simplify troubleshooting with a single universal Cisco IOS Software image on the Cisco ISR G2


  • Industry-leading switching product portfolio, designed to meet every need, any challenge, and all situations.
  • Scalable performance and incremental upgrades enable rapid and cost-effective reaction to changing IT and business requirements Sample industry-leading technologies include Virtual Switching System (VSS) and StackWise Plus.
  • Superior performance using switching components, such as custom ASICs, 4500 and 6500 supervisors, service and interface modules, IOS and NX-OS control software, and StackPower.


  • Enables an infrastructure that is highly available, secure, manageable, flexible, scalable.
    • Businesses can quickly and confidently deploy advanced technologies



Best In Class

Using best-in-class technologies from Cisco ensures that you benefit from maximum return on your investment.

Positive User Experience

Superior Access and Service Levels

Reduce Energy Costs and Resource Consumption

Accommodate Business and IT Shifts

Implement Security and Compliance

Superior Investment Protection