Wireless Networks


Wireless Networking

If you are struggling to manage and maintain your current network, then you may be looking at Wireless Networks in the wrong way.

MLR Networks helps businesses see technology the right way... such as a Managed Wireless Network giving a seamless experience for users no matter what device they are using.


Guests demanding access
No matter what type of business you are, your visitors or guests want internet access, and most likely expect to access easily with their smartphones, laptops or tablets. You need a wireless network where onboarding guests is quick, easy and professional.

Concerns about security
Providing access for guests is great, so how can you ensure that your corporate network is safe and bandwidth polices are maintained? You need a solution which will keep guests away from your corporate network.

Multi-site deployments
Deploying a wireless networking across more than one site, with little or no IT support at each location can be complex and expensive. You need a wireless solution which can be installed easily and managed remotely.


Wireless networking with MLR Networks
MLR Networks is a networking and wireless expert, having installed wireless networks for more than 15 years.

We can provide a robust, wireless network, providing a seamless experience for users no matter what wireless device they are using.

The wireless networks gives you an enterprise-grade network, ideal for small offices, warehouses, retails outlets, challenging environments at one or multiple sites.

The wireless network can enforce centrally-controlled security polices for corporate users as well as guest users. Built-in content filtering can be used to limit content as well as providing granular details on user activity.




Wireless Site Survey

Our comprehensive wireless site survey will analyse and report on the number and location of access points, specific to your requirements. Analysis of other networks or RF interference will ensure that any new installation will mitigate interference and ensure that your wireless network will perform to the optimum level.

High Capacity

Your wireless network will built for performance and optimised for a seamless user experience. Your users get faster connections, and more coverage and you get greater user capacity and fewer support calls.

Centrally-Managed Deployment

Options for on premise and cloud managed deployments.

Managed Bandwidth

Ability to allocate bandwidth by user, by device, even down to application level to ensure a consistent performance.

Branded Splash Pages and Facebook Login

A range of authentication techniques for guests including logon using Facebook.

MLR Networks Monitoring & Support

We can provide proactive network monitoring of all your network devices including the wireless APs as well as offering 24/7/365 support.



Why should you pay for a Wireless site survey? Our Sales Director, Richard Leigh explains the difference between domestic and corporate Wi-Fi…

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We were hugely impressed with the usability and features; onboarding is now slick and professional.
David McMahon, First Ark Group