Improve chemical plant operations

Discover the connected chemical plant of the future with solutions from MLR Networks.

Harness the power of the Internet of Things

Generate new insights across your operations, predictively maintain your key assets, and move to a more proactive and intelligent future.

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Improve efficiencies across your operations with OT/ IT convergence

Converge multiple systems onto a single network, reaping the benefits of improved scalability, flexibility, visibility and agility.

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Increase innovation
and agility

Reduce risk whilst enhancing your innovation and agility with a network that constantly learns, constantly adapts, and constantly protects your chemical plant.

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MLR Networks uses Cisco IBN technology to deliver networks that work in harmony with chemical plants’ complex strategies, goals and operations.

Intent-based networking (IBN) uses machine learning algorithms to configure and monitor enterprise networks. High-level business policies are automatically translated into network policies, resulting in a network that holistically grows in line with business goals, and which is automatically monitored and analyses even as new devices and applications are added.

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Predict problems before they take hold, and repair faults before they affect your operations. Time critical maintenance and upgrades in harmony with your chemicals plant, with no impact on uptime.

We help chemical plants to shift from a reactive to predictive approach to their complex and costly physical assets. By continually and automatically monitoring the performance of key hardware, as well as environmental conditions such as temperature and levels of consumables, our wireless monitoring solutions alert you immediately to small problems that may escalate, or upcoming needs for maintenance, repair and upgrade. These systems continually learn and continually improve, ultimately making your chemical plant more intelligent and proactive.

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A new type of fibre-optic network, enabling the convergence of multiple services on a single seamless network.

We deliver POL solutions that generate substantial cost savings, both in terms of upfront cabling expenses and ongoing operations. These networks typically achieve 99.999% reliability, crucial in the high-octane landscape of chemicals plants. High levels of security to outside interference are also incorporated automatically.

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Ensure seamless operations amid challenging environmental conditions. MLR Networks uses robust hardware specifically designed for the environmental challenges of chemicals plants.

Extremes of temperature. High levels of atmospheric dust. Harsh chemicals. Industrial cleaning. Networking hardware in chemicals plants must withstand an array of environmental challenges, so MLR Networks uses equipment specifically designed to be robust and resilient.

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