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Insight Guide: Challenges of delivering reliable WiFi and how to solve them

Modern organisations need reliable WiFi. The ability to communicate with others is critical to doing business. Gone are the days of sending letters, invoices and essential messages to clients and suppliers by “snail-mail”. In the age of time-critical instant communication, the Internet, email, and conferencing, used effectively, help you streamline business activities, communicate more efficiently with customers and partners and even

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Insight Guide: How is IoT improving the guest experience in hospitality?

It is now exceedingly important to deliver hyper-personalised and connected guest experiences, every time, whether it’s during the check-in process [on-site], interacting with customer service via phone or engaging with the website.With guests cautiously returning to travel, these experiences are more important than ever.Access to customer data profiles with real-time insights can help hotels quickly

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Insight Guide: Infrastructure and networking – the backbone of any retail IoT strategy

Forward-looking retail businesses are looking for ways to incorporate IoT technology throughout their organisations. But how can they develop truly strong, sustainable and adaptable IoT strategies? The key is to have the right technology infrastructure in place. In this insight guide, we’re taking a look at what that infrastructure should look like. Register to download your copy now Once you’ve

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