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Modern retailers need dynamic networks - networks that can deliver rich and engaging customer experiences – both online and offline.

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Whether online or in-store, today’s customers expect creativity, personalisation, engagement, and excitement.

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Cisco DNA

MLR builds networks for retailers that want streamlined, automated management, rich analytics and tangible customer insights, and robust, intelligent security. We build networks that can keep vast volumes of data safe from cybercrime. Networks that can continually learn, adapt, and improve, retaining a competitive edge in an ever-changing retail environment.

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is the foundation for the digital transformation of your retail business. It harnesses automation to streamline your network operations and free up your IT staff for more strategic work. Cisco DNA leverages analytics to understand your customers better and unlock the personalisation you need to deliver richer, more tailored experiences. And it harnesses sophisticated security to protect your corporate and customer data from malicious intervention. Deliver seamless experiences across your online and physical retail stores with Cisco DNA.

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In-Store WIFI

To stay ahead retailers need intelligent data analytics and the ability to provide a seamless experience across multiple digital and physical channels. MLR helps retailers get there – through next-generation enterprise networks and high-quality in-store WiFi. From location analytics to optimise in-store experiences, to dynamic visuals and merchandising to optimise online experiences, we will get your customers coming back for more.

Harness your in-store customers’ mobile devices with high-performance WiFi. From offering time and location-sensitive promotions and discounts to cross-selling new shopping ideas and capturing valuable intelligence on customer behaviours, in-store WiFi can unlock a wealth of retail opportunities. MLR deploys high-performance WiFi across all sizes and types of retail environments and ensures seamless integration with your wide enterprise network.

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